Thursday, December 2, 2010

English in Slippers - Learning English Online Free from Anxiety and Stress


I'm writing this blog sitting at my home in Venice Beach wearing a pair of comfortable slippers. These slippers are magical-- wearing them gives me a sense of comfort and relaxation. I feel like I can work like this for days on end.

Studying subjects from calculus to English, throughout high school and college. I realized that I remember much better when I learn in a relaxed and comfortable environment.
For many busy business people short on time, traveling to the classroom through traffic is frustrating enough, but once you're there, speaking English in front of other people can often be stressful and embarrassing. Learners often give up learning English due to this inconvenience and stress. It doesn't have to be this way.

What's the solution? One way to stay motivated is to learn from the comfort of your home or office where you feel comfortable and relaxed.
As I researched the effects of the learning environment on retention and motivation, I discovered excellent work by Georgi Lozanov, a prominent Bulgarian educator and psychiatrist whose research formed the basis of of the Accelerated language learning theory. He discovered that a relaxed and comfortable environment helped many of students remember better and stay motivated.
At HumanEnglish we take the stress and anxiety out of your English learning experience. Busy executives and managers can learn business English online with qualified and experienced English trainers from the US and UK from the comfort of their homes and offices. We offer six business English courses that combine both the fun and interaction of learning with a real human with the benefits of learning from your home.

So, relax, slip on your comfy slippers and start making progress!
You can sign up for a free live business English lesson with our expert trainers at today.

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